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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Best Ayurvedic Spa in Delhi

Ayurvedic Spa  Delhi
Ayurvedic Spa  Delhi

Spa in Delhi

Considered as the best Ayurvedic spa in Delhi, Tamaya of Jaypee is undoubtedly a best spa of the city which offers you best facilities. Representing the essence of life, this luxurious spa with its phenomenal facilities offers you unforgettable experience. By offering a spectrum of authentic and traditional wellness treatments, this luxurious spa offers Caviar treatments for both women and men. The soothing and calm ambience of this place makes you forget all the tensions of life. No matter what kind of problem you are suffering from with the best treatment and therapies under the guidance of experts you can rejuvenate, relax and pamper your senses.

Being a best spa of the city it offers phenomenal treatments like Moroccan Rassoul body wrap and Aromatic Anti-fatigue Moor Mud. With their best and unique treatments and therapies, this spa is visited by many people in the city. Once you enter into the premises of this spa you feel like you have entered into a paradise where you only get peace and tranquility. The kinds of therapies you find in this place are completely rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Spa in Delhi: Represent the Essence of Life

 Tamaya - a perfect bliss!

Delhi Spa

When it comes to spa in Delhi there is only one name that comes to the mind i.e. Jaypee. Yes, being a leading name in hospitality sector they have created their own niche and are now a very famous name in the market. Popular by the name of Tamaya this spa represents the essence of life. By offering you a spectrum of authentic and traditional wellness treatments this spa with its best services is the perfect place where your body, mind and soul can feel relax. At this place one can get specialized treatments for both men and women in reasonable price. This spa with its special treatment offers Sabai Stone therapy which is unique in itself being offered in other spas. With its well equipped gym and world class trainers this place makes you excellent facilities at one place.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Exotic 5 Star Spa Resort of Jaypee


5 Star SPA near Delhi
SPA Resort

5 Star Spa Resort

If feeling tired on weekends due to hectic schedules has become norms, then it is a time to break the rule. Pamper and treat yourself with a spa break by spending time in one of the best 5 star spa resort in Delhi. Let the fresh air and soothing hands touch of spa specialties touch your body to refresh and rejuvenate it. Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa resort is a relaxing paradise integrated with an exotic and tranquil spa parlour called ‘Six Senses Spa’, which is one of the finest resorts in India. With the exotic massages, mineral baths, saunas, and masks, you can do a fresh start on the first day of week.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Exotic spa experience in Delhi

Best Spa In Delhi

Spa is not just a luxury, it is a therapy what everyone should go under once for the wellness of his/her skin, body, and mind. Nowadays, almost everyone wants to be a part of exotic spa experience – not because of trend, but everyone is aware how much importance a healthy body and beautiful skin hold. Spa is very effective what most of the experienced people testimonies about it. With each passing day, spa is becoming very popular among commoners to elite people - hitting on internet clearly explains about it. People are searching more and more about the best spa in Delhi, as they want to have unique spa experience.  If you are one among the searchers, then you do not have to take pain of searching good spa parlors in Delhi- just visit Jaypee resorts. Jaypee group painstakingly brings forward the extension of some of the best spa parlors in Delhi NCR regions.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Best 5 Star Spa in Delhi

Jaypee Spa resort in Delhi
5 star spa resorts in Delhi

Jaypee Group’s all creations are unmatchable, unparallel and at the same time unique in terms of their hospitality and other added on facilities. When it comes to accessing its 5 star spa resorts, you can simply imagine the kind of services that it offers. They are deluxe, unique, and luxurious and at the same time quite opulent. You can just relax your senses after entering in their peaceful spas and have some gala time with their special massages.

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